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Graeme Samuel; Telstra; Mid-Year Review; Economy
November 13, 2002
G-20 Annual Meeting: New Delhi, India
November 20, 2002
Graeme Samuel; Telstra; Mid-Year Review; Economy
November 13, 2002
G-20 Annual Meeting: New Delhi, India
November 20, 2002

ACCC Chairman



I wish to acknowledge the great contribution to public service made by Professor

Allan Fels AO, following his announcement that he intends to retire as Chairman

of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in June 2003.

Professor Fels is the first and only Chairman of the ACCC to date. He has

given the Commission outstanding leadership. He has shown a very strong dedication

to public service.

Professor Fels was appointed Chairman of the ACCC upon its creation in November

1995, having previously been Chairman of both of its predecessor organisations

– the Trade Practices Commission (TPC) and the Prices Surveillance Authority

(PSA). He was appointed to the PSA on a part-time basis as a member in 1984

and as its Chairman in 1989. In 1991, he was appointed full-time Chairman of

the TPC, while retaining his PSA post.

Professor Fels was most recently appointed ACCC Chairman from 6 November 2000

for a term until 30 June 2004.

In addition to the ACCC’s well-established core functions of enforcing the

competitive conduct rules and consumer laws in the Trade Practices Act, the

ACCC since 1995 has been tasked with becoming the regulator of several important

infrastructure industries. The ACCC also played a pivotal role during the introduction

and implementation of the GST and other New Tax System measures through its

price monitoring work.

Under the leadership of Professor Fels, the ACCC has become a widely respected

agency and has grown in size as the scope of its work has increased. It has

achieved this in part through his personal effort in giving prominence to competition

policy and law.

The ACCC and Professor Fels have also become significant players internationally.

The ACCC has developed links with regulators in many countries and is providing

development assistance to many other countries – predominantly in the OECD and

APEC fora. Professor Fels is a Co-Chairman of the OECD’s Joint Group on Trade

and Competition as well as being a member of the OECD’s Committee bureau.

In June 2001, Professor Fels was made an Officer in the Order of Australia

for ‘service to Australian competition policy through the development and regulation

of trade practices and consumer protection, and to public education in relation

to consumer law and its implications for business and commerce’.

I pay tribute to Professor Fels for his tireless efforts and for his energy

and commitment. The Government wishes him every success in his new endeavours

and extends its best wishes to his family.

19 November 2002


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