Jewish Community Solidarity Rally

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Australian economy, Pasminco, Ansett
September 20, 2001
United States terrorist attacks, Economy, Ansett, CHOGM
September 25, 2001
Australian economy, Pasminco, Ansett
September 20, 2001
United States terrorist attacks, Economy, Ansett, CHOGM
September 25, 2001

Jewish Community Solidarity Rally




11.00 AM


To Ambassador Levy, Grahame Leonard, Philip Chester, Nina Bassat,

Michael Danby, Consul General David Lyon and to Helen Shardey and

to my friends in the Jewish community I say Shalom.

When we witnessed the hijacked aeroplanes plow into the World Trade

Centre in New York and into the Pentagon and into the landscape of

Pennsylvania, we had seen a co-ordinated and premeditated attack of

terror on a scale which the world has never had to endure before.

It was of course primarily an attack on the United States. It was

an attack on the financial institutions of the United States and its

political institutions and its military institutions. It was an attack

on a country which values freedom.

But it was more. It was an attack on all the peoples of the world

who value freedom. It was an attack on the values that bind our countries

together in a shared sense of ideals and values. It was an attack

on not just the American people but on Australians too who died, and

on Jews and on Christians and on Muslims. It was an attack on civilization


And the Australian Government immediately moved to strengthen our

defences against terrorism. We heightened security and protection

for the Jewish community institutions and the leaders of the Jewish

community. And we invoked for the first time in 50 years the ANZUS

Alliance which says that an attack on the United States is considered

an attack on Australia and within our constitutional obligations we

will act to defend each other.

We realise that terrorism is not just something that afflicts America,

it afflicts all of us. The fight against terrorism is a fight for

all of us. And I think for many Australians they realised in a new

way the kind of terror that the people on the streets of Tel Aviv

and Jerusalem live with on a daily basis. Random, indiscriminate terror.

And the fight against terror is a fight for all freedom loving people.

Its the fight for Americans and Australians and Israelis. Those who

want to assert the right to live in freedom and peace, to go about

their business without having their lives threatened.

The Australian Government stands squarely with the people of Israel

in recognising and demanding Israels right to exist within secure

and peaceful borders.

The right of the Israeli people to be defended against random and

indiscriminate terror. And we call on the Palestinian Authority to

exercise its influence to reduce and to halt random acts of terror.

We call upon leaders of goodwill on both sides to resume meetings

and peace discussions and we call on all of the peace-loving people

in the Middle East to work towards a just, lasting and durable peace


But we also affirm that the Australian Government will take part in

the international co-ordinated fight against terror. Let me make it

clear. This is not a religious fight. This is a fight against terror.

And we call upon all who oppose terror whether they be Christian or

Muslim or Jewish, regardless of their religious background to join

the fight for freedom and the open society. We call upon all in Australia

to respect the views of others. We denounce attacks on mosques, just

as we denounce attacks on churches, just as we denounce attacks on

synagogues here in Australia. We are fighting for the open society.

We are fighting for religious freedom. We are fighting for respect

and tolerance for all peoples regardless of their nationality and

regardless of their religion. We are defending religious freedom and

the open society and those of us in the Australian community and the

Jewish community who want to reach out and denounce violence and terror

will stand firm for this principle, for openness, for freedom, for

toleration, for the ending of terror and the right of people to live

peaceably in countries which defend their rights and their freedoms.

Thank you all very much.