Treasurer Announces National CompetitionCouncil Appointments

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National Accounts: September Quarter 2000
December 13, 2000
Uniform Capital Allowance System Release of Exposure Draft Legislation
December 18, 2000
National Accounts: September Quarter 2000
December 13, 2000
Uniform Capital Allowance System Release of Exposure Draft Legislation
December 18, 2000

Treasurer Announces National CompetitionCouncil Appointments



The Treasurer,

today, announced the appointment of Mr Graeme Samuel as President, and Mr Robert

Fitzgerald, Mr David Crawford, Dr Doug McTaggart and Dr Wendy Craik as Councillors, of the

National Competition Council (NCC) on a part-time basis until 30 November 2003.

“These appointments bring with them extensive experience in legal, economic,

public administration, commercial and consumer protection issues,” the Treasurer


“There are also considerable benefits to ensuring continuity in the NCC’s

operations in the lead up to the challenging third tranche period for National Competition

Policy, as represented by the re-appointment of Mr Samuel, Mr Crawford and Mr


“The new appointments of Dr McTaggart and Dr Craik will similarly strengthen the

Council’s effectiveness, particularly as Governments continue into the sensitive area

of water reform, with its significant economic, rural and environmental


Dr McTaggart has a distinguished academic and public service career. He is currently

the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Investment Corporation, and was previously

Under Treasurer and Under Secretary of Queensland Treasury.

Dr Craik was previously Executive Director of the National Farmers’ Federation and

Executive Officer of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. She is currently Chair

of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

‘I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Elizabeth Nosworthy and Dr

Paul Moy for their past efforts as Councillors.



The National Competition Council was created in November 1995. Its core statutory

functions are to advise on access to significant infrastructure services under the Trade

Practices Act 1974, and on whether State and Territory government businesses should be

subject to prices surveillance by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission under

the Prices Surveillance Act 1983.

The Council also has a variety of roles under the three National Competition Policy

agreements signed by all Australian Governments in April 1995. This includes assessing

whether States and Territories have met the conditions necessary to receive Competition

Payments from the Commonwealth.

The Council consists of a President and up to four other Councillors – who are

qualified by virtue of their knowledge of, or experience in, industry, commerce,

economics, law, consumer protection or public administration — appointed by the

Governor-General. A person may not be proposed to the Governor-General for appointment

without the support of a majority of the States and Territories that are parties to the Competition

Principles Agreement.

Appointments are made on a part-time basis for a period of up to five years.

Following the recent appointments, the Council comprises:


Mr Graeme Samuel AO


Mr Robert Fitzgerald AM

Mr David Crawford

Dr Wendy Craik

Dr Doug McTaggart


15 December 2000